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Arbuckle Boulders
August 18, 2009


Oil on 11 by 14 inch primed masonite. The scene is from Lake Arbuckle in south central Oklahoma. This is one of three paintings stolen by an exhibitor, so if you see it somewhere, strike up a conversation with the new owner and ask him how he acquired it.


High Country Water Hole
August 10, 2009

100_1068rrrAcrylic on 11 by 14 inch primed and toned masonite.  The scene is from the Mount Audobon hiking trail in Colorado. Not available.

Thunder and Dust
August 5, 2009

100_1052rrOil on12 by 12 inch canvas board. Spray varnished.

In Progress – Daughter
August 1, 2009

Oil on primed masonite. Normally I paint rocks, trees, and water – in any combination, but I thought I would give portrait painting a try. This painting was meant as a souvenir for my daughter, who recently returned from two years’ service in the Peace Corps in Benin, West Africa. So far I have learned you need to work from a really good reference photo, not one taken in an airport’s dimly lit parking garage, of someone who promptly flies off for another part of the world, and I have also learned that you should really start learning to paint portraits by avoiding painting a family member. Start with strangers!