Thanks for taking time to stop by the site. Please check E-bay if you are interested in works for sale.


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  1. 4/6/09

    I’m the lucky winner of the Ebay auction for “The Footbridge Below Buffalo Springs”. It is a beautiful looking piece from the photo.

    I have enjoyed looking through your blog and am impressed with your skill. I love to take a chance on Ebay auctions, I call it the Joy of the Unknown!

    I too am a painter using acrylics & pastels. I’m really in the early stage of this verse of my life, and try to practice daily. I was interested in your comments about painting with oil. My mentor strongly suggests I switch to oil, but due to the drying times, fumes, thin to fat considerations & the huge expense of the oils themselves, just can’t get interested in them.

    As for your blog, my only suggestion would be for you to put your name somewhere. It is always nice to put a name to someone’s work!

    I’ve lived in Jacksonville, Florida most of my life, but my family is from Pittsburg, Kansas, in the South-East corner, where I attended college, then lived in Kansas City 8 years. I have many friends and family in the 4 state area of KS, OK, ARK & MO. I look forward to seeing you in the future!

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